Download movie subtitles: Movies subtitles play a significant role in the movie industry. In some cases of a particular country movie, a subtitle can be the perfect thing to help you out. Not only will a movie subtitle help you out but also it will improve your language vocabulary depending on the language you want to perfect it.

Not only that, but movies subtitles also make watching movies easier and fun. Besides, sometimes you will be watching a movie in a noisy environment and you won’t be able to hear the audio sound clearly. Then the best thing to think of at this moment is a movie subtitle which can display the dialogues going on in each particular scene in the movie. This way you can be able to understand and enjoy your movie better.

So now let’s go deep to knowing the best website to download movie subtitles without any much stress. Bear in mind that you can download any kind of movie subtitles from this sites and use in your movie. This way you can enjoy and improve more on your language skill.


Best Websites to Download Movie Subtitles

  1. Subscene

Subscene is a popular subtitle downloading platform. It currently has a global Alexa rank of 442 and country rank of 64 in Saudi Arabia.

You can download a lot of movie subtitles on subscene website without any registration requirements. It contains a lot of movie subtitles and also provides a vast variety of different countries subtitles.

2. OpenSubtitle

This is a Japanese website and it is a really good platform to download movies subtitle. It hosts a lot of movie subtitles for users to choose and download from. According to Wayback machine, the website average load time speed is incredibly fast this is enough for anyone to access it on any device.

3. Yifysubtitles

Yifysubtitles provides a lot of movies subtitle for users to download from. You will require to create an account with yifysubtitles in order to download their movie subtitle. They are really good at providing old movies subtitles

4. YTSsubtitles

YTSsubtitles is a property of China. You can download a lot of action movie subtitles form this website. But before you can do that you need to create an account on their website which is very easy to do. When you visit the website, locate and click on the sign-up feature on the website homepage and you are good to go.

5. MoviesSubtitles

Movies subtitles is still an upcoming website where you can also download subtitles for your movies. They provide subtitles in different languages and all subtitles are packed in zip formats. Meaning that you need a file extractor app to make use of it. Winrar and 7 zip is a good option to extract these type of files.

6. SubsMax

This is one of the easiest subtitles download sites. It also provides the option embed videos with subtitles using Freemake video converter. When you visit the website you can easily search for movie subtitles using the homepage search feature. This way you can easily download your movie subtitles

7. DivXSubtitles

DivX subtitles is one of the websites to download DVD and HDTV movies subtitles. And also a lot of Tv series subtitles is uploaded on this platform. Just access the website through their URL and download any movie and tv series subtitles you want. And it has its major traffic coming from the United States this is to tell you that a lot of people from the USA access the website regularly

8. SubtitlesLand

SubtitlesLand is a kind of new website in gaining popularity in providing latest movies subtitles. It is mostly accessed by Croatian users to search and download subtitles m. That doesn’t mean other countries don’t make use of it of course they do. It all depends on your choice the one you want to go for

9. SubtitlesX


SubtitlesX is a movie subtitle website that gets most of its traffic from India. The website offers the download of movies and Tv shows subtitles. You can also search and download your subtitles easily when you visit SubtitlesX website.

10. M4ufree

This is a subtitle and movie downloading platform. You hear me right you can also download movies on this platform and also square it with your subtitle. M4ufree provides animation movies, cartoons, Asian movies, tv series and Hollywood movies for users to download for free.

As you can see there are a whole of movie subtitles downloading website but we choose the best out of them for you to easily download your movies and Tv series subtitles. You are also free to search out for another subtitle website you can make use of but to save yourself the time and stress I recommend you make use of subtitles downloader to download your favorite movies subtitles easily.


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