Hello, folks today I will show you the best websites you can use to convert airtime recharge cards into cash.

Top Websites to Convert Airtime To Cash in Nigeria
Websites to Convert Airtime To Cash

This is another means of making money online. For instance when you own a website to convert airtime to cash then you will earn 30% commission per transaction. So you see now that you will be able to make a lucrative amount of money online in no time.

Sometimes we make different kind of transactions that means of payment will be through recharge cards. You will be wondering if there are any means you can convert the airtime into cash. Yes, there are tons of ways you can receive money in exchange for your airtime. Just stick tight you will learn how you can easily do that

Best Websites to Convert Airtime into Cash


This is one of the best websites to convert airtime into cash in Nigeria. It is a mobile money service that converts airtime to cash and also supports affiliate support. You can partner with zoranga website to receive an API token that you can integrate into your e-commerce website to easily convert your airtime to cash.


This is another website that boasts of the fastest way to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria. Aimtoget also has a mobile that you can easily use to convert your airtime. Visit aimtoget to register and start converting airtime.

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Quickly convert your airtime to cash with cheetahpay. You can make use of this website to easily and also cheetahpay makes use of WordPress plugin to start accepting airtime as payment

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This is one of the newest websites to convert airtime into cash. That doesn’t mean that they don’t do very well. Check out few mouth-watering tips about ipayairtime

  • Pay merchants MTN phone number
  • Deposit Airtime
  • Convert airtime to money
  • Pay with airtime

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This is to tell you that is very possible to accept airtime as a legal mean of payment and convert with any of the above airtime to money websites in Nigeria.


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