In this article, I will be unveiling the ethics, pros, and cons of how to launch a blog website in few mins.

Blogging as we all know is not a thing that started today, before I ventured into the blogosphere I have some motivators that inspired me to be a blogger, people like backlinko, shoutmeloud, Linda ikeji the brain behind as of then and a few mentioned others.

If you want to launch your first blog site, I will honestly say this to you, are you ready to be a blogger? what motivated you to think of becoming a blogger?

You need to define your goals why you want to become a blogger and when you are ready we can proceed to the next phase.

One big mistake most amateur bloggers make today is the quick pursuit of money making them follow the wrong path in blogging like doing paid traffic shits. practicing black hat Seo and self-clicking on their website to manipulate Google algorithm to earn money and at the end get banned from using Google Adsense on their website which is the major aim of many bloggers to make money from their blogs.

So to cut the story short let me quickly label down the necessary steps to follow in order to launch your first blog website successfully and make money online.

How to Launch a Successful Blog Website

We first have of all need to identify the blogging platform to work on. Secondly, choose a perfect domain that suits your platform. Now I will tell you how to do this in an easy way.

When I talk about the blogging platform to use what do I mean?

I am simply referring to the bedrock I will like to lay my foundation on. Which is either I make use of WordPress platform or blogger platform.

Later on I will explain the difference between and but for now, let’s stick to the basic requirements to launch a blog website.

Secondly, it’s now time to choose our niche and domain. These two have to go together in order to be in a perfect line so let me start by explaining a niche in blogging.

This is a way of choosing the particular field of study like in college you choose to become a medical doctor and then you offer subjects related to the medical field as simple as that.

I have chosen my niche right now from the example above as medical field so I have to get a domain name to suit my niche.

I will now think deep to come up with a catchy and suitable domain name to suit my website. Alight there we go I was able to pull up as my domain name.

So I will just have to go ahead and secure this domain name from Namecheap hosting. You can decide to make payments online with your credit card or you can pay with PayPal account. There are a lot of other hosting providers but Namecheap offers domains and hosting at a rather cheaper price.

The next step now is to design a suitable template for our website and customize it a little to be attractive to the eyes. You can purchase template online from ThemeForest, mythemeshops, mhthemes any of these websites can give you a nice template for your website.

Install the necessary plugins for your blog website. The few recommended plugins you can work with are

  • jetpack
  • Akismet
  • No self-pings
  • yoast
  • Wp-cache plugin

You have to create the necessary page for your first blog website namely contact, about, privacy policy, Dmca if you are running a music website, and terms and conditions page.

Finally, start writing compelling contents, have it in mind that you don’t need to lift contents from other blogs to your own, if you do this there is every possibility that you won’t be granted an Adsense account. And two you won’t rank for that article. So I strongly recommend you to write content from your head you can glance at someone’s work but not copy them. I have also made an article on how to prevent people from lifting your contents you can as well install the no copy content plugin.

When you do all these above correctly, you have successfully launched your first blog website. It’s now time to monetize your blog to generate revenue.

Go over to Google Adsense sign up page to create an Adsense account for your blog site. Or you can also try other Adsense alternative websites incase this one fails you but if you follow my article accordingly Google will grant you an Adsense account in no time.

To key factors to becoming a successful blogger is/are

  • passion
  • Persistence and
  • Patience

You have to feel the urge to do so, and constant publishing of articles will earn you a good place in Google search engine this way more money will fall in. Patience is involved to become a successful blogger.

This is all I have to say on how you can launch your first blog site and earn money from it.

If you have any questions regarding this do email me or leave a message with the box below.

Some Popular Blogs to Follow

In blogging no one knows it all, you need to keep on learning to be perfect. So I recommend some of these blogs below to guide you on your blogging journey

  • Searchengineland
  • Shoutmeloud
  • Backlinko
  • Coppyblogger
  • Seobook
  • Searchenginejournal
  • Quicksprout
  • Neil Patel

Backlinko, Neil Patel and Hasrh Agraval are few of my mentors that motivated me to become a full-time blogger today. I frequently read their articles on their website, follow them on YouTube, download and watch YouTube videos.

This is it on how to successfully launch a new blog website. And this is how I was able to become a blogger. You too can do so and become better believe in yourself and I bet you will smile at last.


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