This tutorial is a guide on how to download tamilrockers movies and other movies like Malayalam, Telugu, and others on tamilrockers website.

We all know that a lot of people have been searching for this guide on how to successfully download Malayalam movies and Tamil movies on tamilrockers website. The issue now remains how can you access tamilrockers website owing to the fact that the government of India has restricted access to the server.

Don’t worry about that because at the end of this article you will learn how to bypass that restriction and download any kind of movies on tamilrockers site.

But before we proceed let’s define what tamilrockers website first.

Tamilrockers is a movie piracy website that is very popular among the southern part of India where users mostly download different kinds of Indian movies. So due to the fact of piracy, the government restricted access to these websites but it doesn’t stop there. We will still find a way to bypass and download tamilrockers movies from that very same website.

Tamilrockers is known for downloading popular movies like Hollywood dubbed movies, Telugu movies, Malayalam movies, and Tamil movies.

This is obviously what you are looking for I know that but don’t worry you will get what you want.

So how do we access Tamilrockers website?


How to Access Tamilrockers website to Download Movies

To download tamilrockers movies, we are going to make use of the following subheading below –

  1. Using Proxy Servers and Sites
  2. Using VPN software
  3. Browser Extensions

So we begin with using proxy sites and servers to access Tamilrockers website.

  • Proxy Sites

These are a special kind of websites designed to hide your identity from your internet service providers when you visit a website through them. This alone can guarantee your safety and anonymity online.

So to access Tamilrockers websites using a proxy website, we will be making use of the following proxy sites below. I have craftily selected these proxy sites to be the fastest so here we go-

So how can I make use of these proxy sites to download movies from Tamilrockers website

  • It’s very simple. Visit any of the proxy sites from your PC browser.
  • Enter any websites you want to access in the URL section provided for you to enter the website URL.

So that’s it you have successfully accessed any blocked website using proxy sites. So go ahead and download your favorite Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies from tamilrockers website.

  • How to Access Tamilrockers website Using VPN

So to access any blocked website like Tamilrockers and download movies or any other contents, then we make use of the VPN software. You can download any VPN software like CyberGhost, NordVPN, Ipvanish and so. See review of best VPN software according to PCmag. You can pick your choice from there but if you also want free VPN then go ahead to download free VPN software from Google.

So now let me assume you have downloaded your VPN app. It’s now time to connect to any country server to access the blocked website like tamilrockers as the case may be and download movies.

Access Tamilrockers Using Extensions

We can access any blocked website using addon extensions on our browsers like tunnel bear and zenmate.

You can also google other extensions addon to download.

So this is it on how to download tamilrockers movies using proxy servers, VPN and extensions.

Go ahead and download any kind of movie you want from tamilrockers using this tutorial and also don’t forget to share this article.

And also you can make use of this guide to download any other movie on blocked websites.


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