How do I create an AOL mail account? The steps are simple to successfully sign up for an AOL account.

What is AOL mail account system?

Aol mail is one of the biggest email sending platforms in the United States. Aol mail has a login interface similar to that of yahoo mail login. To create an AOL mail account is very simple all you have to do is get your required details in place and then proceed to AOL mail account sign up page.

So how do we do that? Do we have to first consider the purpose why we need this email account? All this need to be checked to Successfully picking the right choice of email provider

Then we move on to the registration page and complete the procedure with the guidelines below


Steps to Create AOL Mail Account

  • Visit the official AOL mail sign up page
  • Click on the sign up button located at the bottom of the page
  • On the next page, fill in the required details accordingly and proceed to continue the verification process
  • Verify your account with your mobile phone number

That’s all now you have successfully created aol mail account

How do I see my aol mail login screen name

In order to see your aol screen name, you need to login to your aol mail account to set up a screen name

  • So how do I do that? Login to your account using your created login details
  • Click on the sign on button and then proceed by clicking the create button
  • Verify your provided security questions and proceed to set up a screen name
  • That’s all from there now you can be able to see your aol mail screen name

Tips on how to Protect Aol Mail Account

Avoid repeated sequence of words as password

Extent your password length to up to or over 12 characters if possible

Use a combination of letters and numbers or at most add a special characters

Be weir of phishing page from scammers asking you to login in with your account details

Be sure not to make use of your nicks or birthday as a password


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