In this article, I am going to cover the perfect strategy on how to choose the right focus keyword for your blog post. When it comes to choosing the right focus keyword most of us don’t actually understand how to pick the right one to make a good article that will rank. So to do that there are some few factors we need to consider.

Let me start fit off by saying …

What is focus keyword?

Focus keyword is a particular search query that users often use to find a particular answer to a problem or question.

So to differentiate it from an article focus keyword we can say that it is that particular term that we want that blog article we have in mind to rank for. Self-explanatory enough take it this way I want to make an article on how to “download movies online”.

So you can’t possibly start off by using movies as a focus keyword because it is meaningless. So the right thing to do here is firstly to ask yourself what are the popular terms people use to search for movies on Google. Then go ahead and input the seed keyword Movies in google search page and wait for the pop auto-complete sentence from Google. We should now see a lot of keyword sentence and this is what is known as long tail keywords, which is also the perfect way to rank a blog post easily see what Neil Patel have to say on long tail keyword in blogging.

So now pick that keyword from google autocomplete sentence since this way Google is trying to tell you what users mostly associate the word movies in search queries. When you pick that sentence which is the long tail keyword and this now should be our main keyword same goes to our focus keyword.

Insert it in your article and write on and don’t forget to use variations of the main keyword here since this is one of ranking techniques to successfully achieve a better result.

How to Choose the Best Keyword for Your Blog Post

In order to correctly choose the right keyword for our blog post, we can make use of some tools to help us in the process. This is to tell us the possibility of ranking for that particular keyword we have in mind.

So a list of tools that I have summed for you in this article can help you choose the right keyword for your blog post.

Before that keep to this rules below to write a perfect keyword optimized article on your blog –

  • Don’t go for a seed word
  • Do proper keyword research before writing an article
  • Make use of a VPN software to determine the frequencies of some particular search queries of some countries.
  • Aim on a long tail keyword sentence
  • Don’t compete with authority domain for a keyword
  • Use variations of the keyword in a blog post
  • Do proper keyword research before writing
  • Added bonus a good on-page and on-site optimization will give you a better result.

If you should be able to keep to this rules you will go a long way in ranking your blog post. Now I will show you the perfect way on how to pick a keyword with some keyword generator websites

How to Generate a Blog Post Keyword

Make use of the following website below to choose the right choice of keyword for your blog post.

With these tools and the knowledge, you have acquired from this piece of write up you can pick the right keyword for your blog post to rank for.

In my next article, I will teach you how to effectively use some of these tools and make a good post. But for now, feel free to express your opinion concerning this post


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