If you have been wondering the possibilities to sell some of your used stuff online, then it is certainly possible to sell and buy used stuff online today with some of these websites I am about to show you. That’s what this article is all about to show you the best websites to sell and buy stuff locally in Nigeria.

This is also a means of making money online also, you can help users place ads on each of this website and get paid. And also you can help users purchase some items through any of this website and receive a commission on it. So folks let me quickly show you the top 5 trending websites to sell and buy stuff locally in Nigeria.

Free Websites To Sell Stuff in Nigeria


Olx is one of the oldest websites to sell and buy used items locally in Nigeria. It also has a website in India worldwide where users can also use to sell and buy items outside Nigeria. After the domination of Jiji in Nigeria, olx now comes in a more rebranded and amazing interface this is to lure users already lost back to the website. It is indeed a great place to make use to buy, sell items like vehicles, mobile phones, electronics and so on.


Jiji is obviously the best website to sell stuff locally today in Nigeria. It contains over 1,039,334 number of ads from the best sellers in Nigeria. You can easily place an ad on Jiji when you complete the registration form and then post your ad on the website. To make it be seen by a whole lot of people and also to be featured frequently on the website you can consider upgrading for VIP ads this way a lot of visitors can get to view your ads.


Vconnect is also one of the best options to get your products to be shown to a good number of visitors. Not only can you sell items on vconnect website but also you can place your business brand on the website so that users can easily locate you wherever you are. Vconnect is a business that has been in existence for years now and has helped a lot to connect so may users with the right opportunity.


Payporte is a big e-commerce agency in Nigeria that specializes in different kinds of men and women fashion. You can preorder sneakers, phones, dresses, shoes and get it delivered to your current location. You can check the payporte website to order any item you wish to and get it delivered to your location.


DEALDEY is a premier group buying site offering Nigerians the best-discounted deals on local deals. This is a website thrust has been doing well so far I still recall far back when DEALDEY was just a site that manages to sell a few kinds of stuff but look at it now. It has grown to offer a lot of varieties to different users today. It also helps you choose the perfect restaurants, hotels, spa, and beauty around. Dealdey also has an app that you can easily install on your phone and access the website more easily from your end.

This is all I have to say today concerning the best websites to purchase and sell used items in Nigeria. You can make use of any of the above websites to sell or to buy stuff online if you are within or outside Nigeria too.

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