In this article folks, I will help you with best car auction sites to buy used and salvaged cars online and get it shipped to your country of residence.

So now let’s get to it. If you have been searching for where to buy used cars online then you are not alone. Now is the time to save some bucks by ordering cars online. You can also do this as a form of business by helping some people get any vehicle of their choice shipped and delivered to them. This way you can be able to make some good income online.

What motivated me to write this post as I came across nairaland autos where users post cars at a considerably high price. So then something led me to search up Copart and I saw a good looking and affordable cars. Anybody can order vehicles from this site and get it delivered and also it pretty saves money.

In my next article, I will go into details step by step on how to buy cars from any of this online auction website.

So now let’s see the list of the best car auction sites we have here today


Best Online Car Auction Sites

1. Auction Export



8 Best Car Auction Sites To Buy Used & Salvaged Cars

This is one of the best websites to buy cars online. You can find used, new and salvaged cars on auction export and also insurance covered vehicles. With Auction export, you can buy any kind of car you can want and get it shipped to your country of residence. It is also a top US website that allows the international business of buying and exporting of cars. You can make use of Auction export logistics to cover your car shipment.

2. Copart



Frankly speaking, Copart is one the best car auction site out there to buy salvaged and used cars online. On Copart auction site, you will place a bid for a particular car on the website. You can also add a particular choice of car on a watch list to be able to monitor any bidding about the car. Take it that Copart is the leader in online salvage and auto insurance and car sales.

3. Erepairable



8 Best Car Auction Sites To Buy Used & Salvaged Cars

Erepairable makes the finding of used and salvaged cars easy. It confined over 130,000 of vehicles for sale and over 400 seller locations. Erepairable also has an amazing number of trusted and satisfied customers lets say a whopping number of 309,961.

4. Iaai



It also one of the leading online site to buy used and salvaged cars. It has a good reputable number of active sells completed and also a relationship with their users. You can register on iaai website today whether you are a pro, a one time buyer or a guest. It is one of the best car auction websites in the united state of America.

5. Abetter



This is also a better online car auctions site to get damaged, repairable and salvaged cars online. Abetter contains over 100,000 plus the number of cars on their website. You can search and bid for salvaged or clean cars, pickups, SUVs, motorcycle and electric cars. It is a very good place to get cars online at a cheap and economical rate.

6. Adesa



This is a property of manheim online car auction site. You can pick from the list of lost of cars on this website. Starting from salvaged, used and dented cars. They also specialize in rental and consignment of vehicles.

7. Auction Auto Mall



This is also one of the best options with a good and large selection of vehicles on their list. Auction auto mall contains the biggest database of pre-owned and salves cars. Users can easily search for any vehicle of their choice on this website.

One added advantage auto auction mall has over other online auction sites is that it have a good customer representative. Their representatives consist of a well trained and experienced team. They can help you locate any kind of car, pickups or SUVs you want easily online.

8. eBay Motors



This is obviously the best place to buy used and salvaged cars online. eBay on its own is one of the biggest US shopping malls out there where different kinds of transactions are being carried out. We can’t also leave the area of car business off when it comes to eBay motors.

That said already still, with eBay motors you can buy any kind of vehicle spare parts and also cars too. I know it’s not like other car auction sites where you can see pretty salvaged car collections. But believe me you won’t be sad to check eBay motors out they are really good.

Good luck in finding your dream car online on any of this car auction websites. Happy bidding and enjoy the shopping


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