In this article, I will share with you an updated Admob earning tricks you need to keep to avoid being caught on Admob self-clicking.

Most of us are already aware of Admob self-clicking trick and some don’t know the right way to go about it. Well in this article I will just explain the checklist to avoid getting caught on Admob self-clicking.

Admob Self Click Earning Tutorial

Use this tricks to earn on Admob and also don’t forget to thank me later.

Admob is a way by which Google monetize their apps to make more money. Hackers today have derived a way to normally click on these Admob ads on their own instead. This way you can be able to make more money online when you do it perfectly without being caught.

No one prays for his downfall to be caught on Admob self-clicking but some go off the shore due to greed and lust to make money and the end screwing the whole thing up. I have narrated an ordeal of how to make $50 daily on Admob and also listed out best AIA Admob file to integrate into Admob earning app.

Making money today is one of the weirdest and toughest things youths of our age face. In order to curtail this epitome, we need to bend down and dig deep the right possible ways of earning money online. Since we don’t have the capitals and you can’t start blogging due to one reason or the other then seek for the perfect Admob earning tricks to avoid being caught while doing Admob self-clicking.

Like my self, I make use of Nord VPN and Cyberghost VPN software to do my own Admob self-click earning trick. Of course, this is not the major way I make my income online rather it is a bonus added since blogging, affiliate and online survey pays better. It all depends on you how you want to make it the process mustn’t be the same, just make sure you do the right thing.

So let’s take it down

Admob Earning Tricks to Avoid Being Caught on Admob

Admob earning tricks to follow to avoid getting your account suspended.

  • Don’t by any means check your Admob earning account with the same device you use to self-click on your ads. Because Google keeps track of all possible device IDs that have accessed their ads.
  • Your Admob account email should not be signed in on the same device you use for self-clicking on ads.
  • Try your possible best to maintain 100% matched RATE and low CTR by giving your Admob ads 100 impressions per another click.
  • Make a variation of different IP address every week. (Write down already used IP in a book to be able to know the IP address you have used before)
  • Use more than one VPN app like I said I use Nord VPN and Cyberghost VPN. You can benefit from their 2018 discount offer if you order from them now
  • Give 10 seconds to click on ads that have popped up. This way you are directly telling Google that you are not after their ads so be wise.
  • Use 5mins interval time to click on the next Ads
  • Clear the cache and cookies of all apps you use in self-clicking. This way you can be able to lose hold of Google tracking algorithms.
  • Do not use only one country to click in a single day.
  • Reset your Google advertising ID after on your device before the next scheduled
  • Don’t alter how your ads will be displayed in your app all in the name of getting high CPC in which at the end you will get banned. It doesn’t worth it, be humble like a dove.
  • A daily maximum click of 15~20 is what is needed to stay off the radar.
  • Lastly, avoid greed.

This is the mandated Admob earning tips and tricks to obey in order to earn on Admob successfully

Added Admob Earning Tricks 2018

Take these as a bonus to your work.

  • Make use of a stable internet connection, if you are in Nigeria consider making use of MTN data plans. Alternatively, you can make use of Airtel data plan too but make sure the network coverage is in your locality.
  • Make sure you to turn off your location on your device
  • Don’t click on the same type of ad again and again

So fellas use this AdMob earning tricks to avoid being caught in 2019 when you click on your own Ads.


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